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Transport suportat de catre cumparator
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Peak-Flow-Meter PIKO-1 Electronic
Preț cu TVA: 604.5 L

Cod produs: PIKO-1
Precis, memoreaza 96 de testeMasoara: PEF: 15-999 l/min; FEV: 0,15-9,99 l.


          The new PiKo-1 is one of the world’s most sophisticated tool for managing asthma at home. In addition to measuring PEF, test quality alerts and storage of tests, PiKo-1 also measures FEV1. Many asthma doctors worldwide consider FEV1 a more realiable predictor of impending symptomatic airway obstruction.

Technical Specifications

PEF: Range 15 - 999 L/min (1 L/min resolution)
FEV1: Range 0.15 - 9.99 Litre(0.01 Litre resolution)
Accuracy: PEF: ±5% or 20 L/min (whichever is greater)
FEV1: ±3% or 0.1 Litre (whichever is greater)
Sensor: Pressure/flow sensor technology (patented)
Non-volatile Memory: 96 tests contain: PEF, FEV1, Colour zone,
Quality factor, Time/date stamp (15 min resolution)
Reference values: User settable for PEF or FEV1
Quality factor: Warning & indicator for cough or abnormal blow
Communication: Bi-directional IR port (RS232 format)
Dimensions-Weight: 75x35x20 mm - 35 g 

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